Wedding Guest Options
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Wedding Guest Options

Photos taken by Finch Photography.

Happy Friday! If you follow along on Instagram, you know that I recently got engaged to my best friend which means the last few weeks have been filled with venue tours, date conversations, and taking in every moment with my (now) fiancé. In honor of all things wedding that will be coming to the blog soon, I wanted to start off with a post around dress options for the wedding guest including those that I have purchased so far for this year’s summer weddings.

We have RSVP’d, bought the gifts from each registry, and started shopping for dresses; it is officially wedding season. I picked each of these items out based on my ability to wear them again. If you are anything like me, you have a hard time spending money on something you will only wear once. For that reason, I try to purchase a wedding guest dress that I could wear later to a graduation, shower, anniversary, or even date night. Ever since the ‘midi’ dress and jumpsuit became a trend, I am full time on board and I think these styles make for the perfect wedding guess outfit. I go back and forth between wanting the bold pop of color, neutral, or pattern each time I am dress shopping.

I picked up this olive green jumpsuit a while back for a trip to Las Vegas but knew I would get use out of it again for a wedding. The color is beautiful in person and I love the trim details on the top adding femininity. My exact jumpsuit is sold out but you can shop the dress version here. I also wore the yellow lace midi below to a recent wedding and will probably purchase again in multiple colors. You can see in IRL picture of that look here.

Thank you for stopping by Lifestyle Cassie today, I truly appreciate it.



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