Life Lately/ Closet Staples
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Life Lately/ Closet Staples

Photos taken by Finch Photography.

Happy Friday! I celebrated my one year anniversary with my company this week and let me tell you, this year has been one for the books! For those of you who are new here or don’t know me, I work in data analytics supporting a manufacturer. Not only have they challenged me in the best way, they gave me a piece of my life back that allows me to be present for every big and small moment in my friends and families lives. I cannot preach enough how important it is to find a place to work that remembers you have things outside of their four walls of office space (Jumping off my soap box of appreciation now).

Caleb and I are doing a No-Spend-August and as of day 16, I have only realized how often I go through the drive-thru for iced coffee or sweet tea. We are adamant about budgeting and saving normally but with wedding planning in full effect and dress shopping coming in a few weeks, I will accept the challenge of avoiding eating Tacos 4 Life regularly and ordering shoes on Amazon. Would any readers be interested in a no-spend-month or budgeting tips/help blog post?

Today I wanted to share three of my favorite pieces in my closet right now. First are these Dirty Laundry sandals. I own them in both the blush, pictured here, and red. This is actually the only new pair of sandals I bought this year and they were the perfect addition to my wardrobe. Comfort level is 100 and they go with everything from jeans to dresses. I bought the red pair specifically for game days on the hill to be paired with shorts and a graphic tee. I also make a mental note anytime I find comfortable shoes and file it under ‘could walk around Europe in these’. Next up are the 721 High Rise skinnies by Levi. I would suggest to size up if ordering online. This brand is such high quality and they last season after season. Levi’s jeans are my go-to for high waist because they fit all around without me felling like the waist is too loose.

Lastly is this necklace by Simple Little Things Co. on Etsy. I have worn this necklace EVERY. SINGLE. DAY since March of 2018 and it is still in great condition. They had me at simple and a $28 price tag. Does anybody else feel like something is wrong all day if they forget to put jewelry on in the morning? That is how I feel about this necklace, my engagement ring, and my Apple watch. I will share below some of her other pieces I am currently favoriting including this necklace that made my birthday wish list this year.

Thank you for stopping by Lifestyle Cassie today, I truly appreciate it.



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