Thanksgiving w/ Loft
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Thanksgiving w/ Loft

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

As we approach Thanksgiving, I am reminiscing on how thankful I am for people and experiences. Since moving to Arkansas eight years ago, I have been given the opportunity to fill my life with people who have celebrated all of my big and small moments and continued to be there for me at all of the right times. Each year, I think more on how even the people who are not around day to day in 2019 helped me into adulthood in 2011 (Shout out to my Buch Droke girls). I wish I could go back and hug all of the people who were everything I needed them to be at just the right moments. Most importantly, I wish I could hug all of the friends who became a part of my family. I wish I could express the gratitude I have towards my parents for picking up the pieces when they broke and challenging me to know when I can accomplish something on my own and when they needed to step in and help. Without each and every experience I have had in the past eight years, I would without a doubt not be writing this. I wish I could explain the way my life has changed with Caleb and the Carr family in it and the joy I have for joining this family officially in 2020. All this to say, I am more than thankful this week and every week for people.

Now, the clothes- this outfit is currently 40% off with the code BESTWEEK on If you are still looking for the perfect blouse to wear to Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving, I highly recommend this paisley smocked top. It has all of my favorite fall colors and would look perfect by itself or styled with a sweater or faux fur vest. I paired it with black jeans, booties, and gold accessories. Do you have any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping plans? I plan to share some of my favorites via a blog post or through the app.

Here is hoping your week is filled with good family, good food, and good times! Thank you for stopping by Lifestyle Cassie today, I truly appreciate it.






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