January 2020
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January 2020


Photo Taken by Kylie Farmer Photography.


Happy Thursday and first post of 2020! It is already January 30th and we are officially 100 days away from walking down the aisle at Sassafras so I wanted to start the year by giving a life lately update. Wedding planning recently has consisted of make-up tutorials, cake tastings, and starting to think about the day-of décor. I think planning events/ weddings may have been calling in life. Over the past two months, I spent a lot of time trying to decide what I wanted Lifestyle Cassie to look like in 2020 and remembered why I wanted to start this platform in 2016. LC was a goal of mine and a way of sharing my adventures while encouraging others to finally cross off the things they want to accomplish. While I will continue to share my love for all things clothes and travel this year, I will also take you along for the ride of what is already the biggest year of goals in my twenty seven years.


  • We danced in to 2020 at the Royalty NYE bash at the Old Red Museum in Dallas with some of the best and started the New Year by attending the Winter Classic at Cotton Bowl Stadium.
  • Celebrated a late Christmas with most of our NWA favorites which included charcuterie boards and accent games all night long.
  • We OFFICIALLY signed a contract to build our dream home 2020!
  • Attended a Razorback basketball game- Go Hogs!
  • Traveled to Kansas City for a volleyball tournament which included first place in gold and touring Union Station.


This weekend we are off to Memphis for another volleyball tournament. I have been keeping our calendar updated between travel and celebrations from now until May and it has made me so appreciative of all that Caleb and I are able to be a part of. I am a firm believer in three day weekends and taking the time you can to spend with family and friends. Be sure to travel along on Instagram to see the next couple months of Vegas, Colorado, and Nashville! If there is one piece of advice I could give you in January- say yes to the trip. Never turn down the opportunity to go somewhere new or experience something with the people that mean the most to you. Plan it, budget it, make the time for it but never just turn it down thinking there will be another opportunity. If there is one thing we read about in the news on a daily basis, it is that people are not here forever and there might not always be a next time. If it is one trip in 2020 with your boyfriend or best group of girls, put it on the calendar and go. You will never regret it.

Thank you for stopping by Lifestyle Cassie today, I truly appreciate it.



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