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Photos taken by Finch Photography.

If you missed January’s blog post, I made a big announcement: CALEB AND I ARE BUILDING A NEW HOME IN 2020! We drove by our lot yesterday afternoon and they have started to lay cinder blocks finally making this home a reality. The best part about building a house and registering for a wedding at the same time is planning out how we want to decorate each room. I am most excited to be able to host family and friends at the new house i.e. give me all of the game nights and charcuterie boards. Sharing February’s highlights below as well as my favorite items from recent trips/ Instagram posts.


  • Traveled to Memphis for a volleyball tournament- NWAJS took Gold
  • Celebrated Rogers Mountie Color Day
  • Went to Chilirhea with some of our favorite people!
  • Ran a Valentines 8K
  • Traveled to Las Vegas for a volleyball tournament- NWAJS 3-peat winning 1st in Gold





Caleb’s aunt is hosting a bridal brunch for me this weekend at one of my favorite places (Mirabella’s Table) and I cannot wait to see some of my best girls all in place. We also have plans to visit The Momentary on Sunday which is a new contemporary art space that just opened in Bentonville. After a weekend full of family and celebrations, we will be off to Park City in Colorado next week for a three day weekend of skiing and mountain views! I am counting down the days until snow and giant sweaters. Do you prefer a snow or beach vacation? Most people have strong feelings one way or the other but I tend to change my mind year round. It could potentially be in part to whatever season of clothes I am buying at that moment.

Thank you for stopping by Lifestyle Cassie today, I truly appreciate it. Cheers to Friday and the weekend!



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