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Day 35 of Quarantine: I am saving money on my gym membership but I am spending said savings on having cinnamon rolls delivered to my house from a Dallas favorite- RoRo’s Baking Company. I think if we were still allowed to enjoy a girl’s weekend or happy hour occasionally, I could get used to working/working out from home on the reg. Big shout out to Camp Cut at-home workouts getting me through the day. I am, however, counting all my blessings for having family here during this time to enjoy backyard game nights and home-cooked meals. The last few weeks have been a reminder to appreciate when life slows down because normally we spend the spring traveling for volleyball tournaments and long weekends with friends. While I am counting down the days until this is our life again, I am remembering to be thankful for sometimes just doing nothing. If you know Caleb, you know this is something he wishes I did more often. We recently picked a new best day ever for our wedding and while I am thankful for the friends and family that have reached out to offer comfort, I don’t feel like getting married in May or now August changes much for us. We were never tied to the day for any sentimental reasons and I am happier with the idea of a day where all of our loved ones will be able to celebrate with us than just not knowing what to plan. I would suggest reaching out to those seniors who are missing out on prom and graduation or those who have due dates and have to adjust plans for showers or even the delivery day. My heart breaks at the idea that right now people are having to miss out on life changing opportunities and memories in some way but I have loved the out pour of giving and making adjustments I have seen happen recently to accommodate for our current normal.

Today I wanted to take a break from quarantine and pretend that with summer coming, we will be able to vacation and even if I am not booking flights or rooms today, I can browse all things warmer weather wardrobe. I am sharing some things I have recently put in my cart or have been loving. The dress I am wearing is old from Red Dress Boutique. I browse their website frequently for seasonal pieces at a great price point. I have this dress in three colors already but I love the pink or coral for summer. See below for more favorites!

Thank you for stopping by Lifestyle Cassie today, I truly appreciate it.



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