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Happy Wednesday! 118 days of work from home and ~ 6 more months to go. May and June actually felt normal in terms of living out our lives. As it has become summer in Arkansas, we have spent the majority of our time at the lake or in the pool which is typical during these months. May was spent with a celebration on our original wedding date at Sassafras filled with pizza, cake, and some of our best people. We spent a weekend at Bull Shoals Lake, had a crawfish boil, and watched our home continue to be built. In June, we celebrated my favorite person turning 30, I visited my family in Tennessee, and I planned a girl’s trip for this fall. I have continued to try and understand what is happening in the world around us and have reminded myself on a daily basis of all the good times to come. July comes with moving into our dream home and counting down the days until our new best day ever in August. While I don’t want to insinuate that 2020 in anyway is the best year ever, I have learned a lot about friendships/ relationships, how to be thankful, and how GREAT each big and small moment is.

Today I wanted to share my top ten favorite purchases recently. Considering I do still have the opportunity to work from home, my clothing purchases have changed from dresses to lounge and athletic wear. I have discovered some of my new favorite online retailers/shops since spending so much time lying in bed watching Netflix and browsing.

  1. Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops: I have used these tanning drops for a few years now and they still rate high on my list of must always re-purchase. I like that I can add them to the lotion I am already putting on. (I use the color Dark- Bronzed Glow)
  2. Aerie High Cut Swim: These swimsuits are probably the most flattering, comfortable, and best fit swimmies I have ever purchased, so much so, that I have ordered at least three of them in a soft blue, neon pink, and this animal print. I have purchased expensive swimsuits from across the board of brands but I will definitely go back to these again next year!
  3. My Little Necklace: Hashtag I was influenced. If you follow any ex- Bachelor franchise girls, you have probably seen this necklace. I read all of the positive reviews about the quality for price and just ordered one that says ‘Carr’. This would make a perfect gift for your bridesmaids, best friends, or sister.
  4. Butterfly Necklace (Kristalize Jewelry): I am here for all of the 90’s trends that are making their way back around and for a girl who wears pajamas 90% of the time now, I have found a lot of necklaces that I can’t wait to wear.
  5. Lululemon Track That Short: I prefer the fit and waist band of these versus any pair of Nike running shorts I own. The price point is higher but these will last for years and they are continuing to launch new colors/ patterns.
  6. Riffraff Friday + Saturday/ Charlie Southern T-Shirts: If you have ever heard me talk about my favorite game-day tees, they come from Riffraff! They have new t-shirt lines launch all of the time and they started right here in Fayetteville, Arkansas!
  7. The Tie-Dye Trend: Another trend making its way back into our closets and whether busting out the tie-dye kit to do an at-home wardrobe update or purchasing from a retailer, I AM HERE FOR THIS.
  8. Core 10 Athletic Brand: Working from home has actually helped my daily routine substantially. I wake up every morning between 5 and 6 to work out and since I have spent more time focused on health, I opted to try some athletic brands that won’t break the bank. This Amazon brand has become one of my favorites and most pieces range from $20-$40.
  9. Essential Tank Top: I will wear these tank tops to workout. I will wear these tank tops to watch Netflix in bed. I will these tank tops to go sip margaritas on a patio somewhere in the Arkansas heat. You need this.
  10. Lounge Sets: Last but definitely not least, lounge sets. If you work from home or spend your weekend’s binge watching Sweet Magnolias with a box of pizza, you need to start stocking up on these. Every time I see a boutique add a new set to their website, I feel like it sells out in minutes. I also just ordered this one from a new online boutique called Basal!

Thank you for stopping by Lifestyle Cassie today, I truly appreciate it.



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