Fall Wardrobe Capsule
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Fall Wardrobe Capsule

November marks 238 days of work from home but more importantly, it marks my favorite time of year. If you know me, you know Thanksgiving is and will always be my favorite holiday. It means we will celebrate with family, eat all the best foods, throw our first Friendsgiving in the new house, and Arkansas is *currently* seventy degrees and orange/red everywhere. In my previous work experiences, this time of the year meant 11, 12, 13 hour days or working night shifts and not being able to travel so I am low key eccentric when it comes to celebrations and traditions now. With everything 2020 has changed, it will be appreciated to slow down, breathe, and embrace all of the joy. With all of that being said, I wanted to share my fall/ winter capsule. Given that we have not traveled and done significantly less than we do in a normal year, I have made more purchases that I know I will wear/use time and time again for years to come. I am trying to invest more in pieces I love and want versus searching for the perfect dress to wear to an event coming up. Each of these are pieces I can style now and again later.

Thank you for stopping by Lifestyle Cassie today, I truly appreciate it.



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